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A Wake In Sacred Waves

by Dreadnought

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Sam A masterclass in dark and adventurous song craft. Dreadnought brings you into their world with ease. Favorite track: Within Chanting Waters.
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baudelagon To tell why I like Dreadnought... how can i say?... Just listen, it's easier ! Dreadnought a une personnalité bien à lui. Il y a d'autres groupes à proposer un pagan metal vouant un culte à la nature. Mais je n'en connais pas qui oeuvrent avec tant d'instruments et tant de grâce. Les morceaux qui composent cet album sont longs et denses et exigent une complète immersion. Le thème de l'eau s'applique ici bien au fond qu'à la forme.
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Kenstrosity Dreadnought never fails to attract every bit of my attention. Boasting highly dynamic songwriting that ebbs and flows between chilling post-blackened destruction and delectable jazz-fusion ambience, A Wake in Sacred Waves hypnotizes me from beginning to end. Favorite track: Within Chanting Waters.
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Vacant Sea 17:22
We will awake from slumber We build our homes in silence We structure our existence We will not compromise our captive minds We are exposed At the eye of the tempest The Earth’s womb cultivates Witness the discord At this maelstrom’s walls Faint, sublime, overpowered, The tempest beckons me Chaos below the crest, The tempest threatens me Within chanting waters Twilight clutches dawn Tears the light from in her Within chanting waters Night parades his song Etches devastation Our home, a table for the feast We will not stand idle and fall So we must Turn tail And flee To the depths She chants. Her body sings in distant waves These hours consume my breath, I lie in wait Warmth of light dismissed here, So far from the sky My existence remiss, I dive to the floor And find heat and a serenity Among the ashes of the ancient ones Ours will be the glow That bathes these silent waters
Product of purge And rapture Questioning matters of fate Burgeoning youth stumble, Grow humble but mighty Vestiges linger Dying beneath the skin Only survivors Exalt a falling sky Anxiously forging ahead, We wonder, in this state, Are we the whole, or am I? Vestiges linger Rotting beneath the skin Only survivors Exalt a falling sky These cell walls Ignite and perform Draw life in To stimulate growth Time runs thin, ‘neath ripple and roil I grow stronger Raise eyes to morning, raise eyes Ascend in mourning, raise eyes Raise eyes to morning, raise eyes New era dawning, raise eyes.
Shameless and abrasive Mammoth and serene Teeming with aggression Luminosity Standing at attention Wrecking earth below Bathe in her supremacy Hell’s resplendent glow These bones within my mouth Cut like a fin through calm water Alive, my spirit bold - What is this pride? Lay witness Her ascension To luminous Scale This chasm Now her kingdom To luminous scale One must learn how to compose oneself One must learn to tame one’s rage Her spirit is of a behemoth form Her soul is burdened with a dim contempt Keep away the beast that haunts this place Keep away your rotting purity Keep away from your tribe Keep away your hunger Pray this hold surrenders you You could have been a heroine
He beside me feels not the fury (nor the crippling ache of madness) Whispers flood the home Where breath is wasted Solemnly, to taunt a dying soul It seems too soon I lament my cursed dreams. The tempest beckons me, It masks the filth of the dregs That sustained my being Damned to these arctic depths Cursing fate that bound me here, A waste of valor I was built to conquer the sky! Is the legend Doomed to be buried in sand With only her name? I command The dust beneath my flesh! Mother meld my bone in her likeness Bound to her might, I erupted Bound to her might- I lament my cursed dreams The tempest beckons me, It masks the filth of the dregs That sustained my- Rue passing day Sing, beast of prey Rue passing day (Foolish in heart, tainted blood of) Sing beast of prey (...a fragile, headstrong, hunted breed) Weeping away... (Misfortune favors those whose progeny they’ll die for) ...These waning days Voice of divinity warns of impending downfall Whispers penetrate, Echoes escalate Silent, beating heart (Beware the consequence of steadfast arrogance-) Silent, pounding heart (-To dance on mother’s molten breast) I wrestle the crude assemblage, crucifying my celestial power… The last winds of breath escape in a howl of agony. Still, I revel. I will endure as legend. I will be named a god! Ever-longing for ascension Buried skyward I remain Ever-longing for ascension Buried skyward I remain


A mythical connection exists between nature and music.

Within vast forests, pagans traditionally participated in midnight drum circles around cackling flames. Led Zeppelin recorded the seminal Led Zeppelin III at the infamous secluded 18th century Bron-Yr-Aur cottage deep in the wilderness. Pink Floyd cut 1987’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason and 1994’s The Division Bell on the Astoria houseboat.

Nestled among the Rocky Mountains, it’s hard to escape the influence of nature in Colorado. Maybe they didn’t record in the woods or on the high seas, but Denver outfit Dreadnought breathes fresh air through extreme music like a torrential force of nature nonetheless. On their third full-length album A Wake In Sacred Waves [Sailor Records], the quartet—Kelly Schilling [guitar, flute, clean & harsh vocals], Jordan Clancy [drums, saxophone], Kevin Handlon [bass, mandolin, lyrics], and Lauren Vieira [keys, clean vocals]—redefine the boundaries of heavy, swinging from gusts of black metal double bass, guttural guitar, and haunting harmonic hymnals to reprieves of fairy tale flute, anesthetic mandolin, and jazz saxophone. (For the uninitiated, think Joni Mitchell guesting with Wolves in the Throne Room).

That singular style quietly turned ears towards the band on their 2013 debut Lifewoven and its critically lauded follow-up Bridging Realms in 2015. The latter earned acclaim from the likes of Terrorizer Magazine, Invisible Oranges, AXS, Metal Sucks, Metal Injection, and more, while the group toured with Wayfarer and Ford Theatre Reunion in addition to sharing the stage with the Devin Townsend Project.

A Wake In Sacred Waves sees their patented sound consciously evolve with sharper claws, but a warmer embrace.

“Each album is loosely based on an element,” explains Kelly. “Lifewoven was earth, Bridging Realms was ether, and this is our water album. You could think of them like Zelda temples. We wanted to make this a little bit darker and heavier because we were going through heavier parts of our lives. This record tells a story about the process of life and death. A sea creature evolves into an apex predator, takes over everything, and then falls from grace. It mirrors humanity’s own existential struggle.”

The journey begins with the 17 minute-plus “Vacant Sea.” Sucked down an aquatic wormhole of claustrophobic distortion, spellbinding melodies, and unpredictable instrumental wizardry, the record immediately extends its tentacles. “Within Chanting Waters” mitigates brutality with bliss as “To Luminous Scale” and “A Drifting Reign” coalesce into a mind-blowing aural climax.

Kevin explains, “In ‘Vacant Sea’, a species gets chased into a giant trench, where it evolves into the alpha in a new ecosystem. ‘Within Changing Waters’ discusses the way life relates to the ocean itself. The water can be interpreted as the nature goddess. The final two songs see the predator come into self-discovery, rise, and then come to ruin as the rest of her species and prey turn against her and take her down.”

Dreadnought represents a new face for extreme music across the board. The presence of flute, mandolin, and saxophone adds subterranean depth to the sonic palette, while dual female melodies make for a majestic and mystical chemistry.

“By virtue of being women, we add a different dynamic, femininity, and perhaps more balance to this genre,” continues Kelly. “Our voices are a color, timbre, and sound that’s unfamiliar and unique. That makes the music extra exciting for us.”

A Wake In Sacred Waves also conjures an undeniable listening experience for anyone who boards Dreadnought’s ship.

“I hope people react in a natural way,” she leaves off. “No matter what it is, I just want them to feel something when they hear us.”


released October 6, 2017

Recorded and mixed at the Boar's Nest by Andy Patterson
Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audioseige
Artwork by Mark Facey


all rights reserved


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