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Gokiburi An incredible introspective and emotional journey for which music is the conduit. Having spent so much time with Dreadnought’s prior album, I was not sure what else the band could do to take me on a similar journey again. It turns out it was a NEW journey which I needed most to take. There are similarities between both albums and those which came before, but just like each of those, Emergence is entirely its own thing. And it is a thing of intense beauty, thought and feeling.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Un album qui pourrait être représentatif de la scène post-black metal en lorgnant abusivement du côté du dark ambiant...Sauf que là il s'agit de vrais musiciens et de vraies compos ; et ça change tout ! Favorite track: Pestilent.
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MJK666 I first heard of this wonderful band in Decibel magazine. I then had the pleasure of seeing them in Boston opening for Spirit Adrift. When we greeted Nate at the merch table he said something to the effect of, “You might want to check these guys out.” It was one of those musical experiences where you don’t know the band’s material but are blown away by the performance. See them if you can. Support them because they make beautiful music. This recording is essential. I thank the band for creating this.
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For their fourth full-length album “Emergence”, Denver, Colorado doom-prog band DREADNOUGHT follow-up their 2017 “A Wake In Sacred Waves” acclamation with an album that takes their singular multiplex and pictorial sound to new sonic realms even more heavily textile, complex, and vastly designed. “Emergence" sees the four-piece, consisting of vocalist/guitarist/flute player Kelly Schilling, drummer/sax player Jordan Clancy, keyboardist/vocalist Lauren Vieira, and bassist/mandolin player Kevin Handlon, delving more into heavier and darker sonic territory as well, an aspect that was evident with “A Wake…” but has become fully realized with “Emergence”.

There are a multitude of layers that establish DREADNOUGHT’s sound, making them one of the more unique sounding bands in today’s doom/dark/progressive metal circles. Consisting of a myriad of influences that seamlessly sew their sound together, from prog, doom, folk, jazz, classical/chamber, avant-garde, and even a little bit of black metal managing to find its way into DREADNOUGHT’s audial tapestry, “Emergence” is the culmination of the band’s continued development and evolution, one that began with 2013’s “Lifewoven” LP followed by 2015’s “Bridging Realms” and the aforementioned 2017 LP “A Wake…”.

Thematically “Emergence” resonates with elements of flame, tying together similar structures between the ancient connection of nature’s most destructive yet purifying forces and the human condition. Through the four searing tracks comprising “Emergence”, the realities of this age-old cycle of rebirth, beginning with chaotic annihilation of what is, and leaving behind nourishing ash to enrich what is to come. A new being arises from the smolder, forged by the fires of self-destruction and trials of every lifetime before it.

With the ferocity of a wildfire, DREADNOUGHT opens the album with “Besieged” painting the connections of the catastrophic events of life with witnessing the Earth ablaze. In memoir of the countless losses in the immolation, “Still” is an interlude that pays tribute to the mourning of fleeting life and memories. “Pestilent” speaks to intense struggle that we as humans battle to choose reality in moments of tribulations as we attempt to escape and resist the decimation left in the fire’s wake. Wisdom granted through the labours of rebirth leaves who was once seen as the victim, the true victor by their willingness to witness a broader perspective of transformation.“Tempered” captures the essence of this enlightened perspective, named by the process of strengthening metal tools using fires, the once destructive flames are seen as a purifying method to cultivate new life.

The dust settles upon a masterful being, one that has endured a renaissance with struggles of hellfire and gained a wealth of worldly knowledge. As we enter the final track, “The Waking Realm”, DREADNOUGHT leaves us with this universal pattern of nature to reflect on as the final echoes of the album fade. No matter what cycle of rebirth we are currently in, nature’s perfected design lends comfort to those embarking on the journey of transformation as light from the fires of our own hell will guide the path forward.


released May 10, 2019

Recorded and mixed by Andy Patterson
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by Mark Facey


all rights reserved


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Track Name: Besieged
Measure the hours with hushed prayers
Tremors erupt and invade
Collapsing bones powder the soil
Crumbling, trade silence for discord

As my limbs take action,
The sparks of pain
That resist every effort
Crackle from the inner flame
I once called inspiration

Sighs fall gently to our feet
We scatter poison ideas
as we run toward every corner

Like the old gods
If we linger we will be abandoned
And sparsely paint the earth

The beat of an aging drum
Patters: ba da, ba da
Cadence of our repose
Begs for surrender

Savage and seething breath
And one merciless spark
Christen the clay and stone
Anoint the earth

Is power
Infancy’s swift rise
Into self-awareness
Or is it knowing the lessons
Of what we've done

When did the remedy
Become the enemy?
In the tender web of night
She hisses lullabies
Track Name: Still
Cold, still air
Caresses quiet eyes
Immersed in blood
Embraced by ash

Who am I to play witness?
To an otherwise hidden passing
Left to the wind
Track Name: Pestilent
I offer a salute
To your ruthless endurance

Borrowed canvas, fruitless contributions stunting evolution
Do I have the right to mourn for the
Death of what was never mine?

What moves a hand to action?
Smothering lumens of light?
Take me back to morning
when nothing fair was dying

My edifice reaches
Arrogant, into the night sky
Doomed to wither

I know now my tongue was stretched
To taste clouds, to curse the soil
Cast sparks into the wind
Pray for distance

I swore alliance with the morrow and its cultivation
To be formidable is worth the transitory agony

Irrational, deadened, insatiable
Acid in my chest simmers like the birch
And puckers the magnolias
Drift away

As the anchor resists the undertow
To settle its rust amongst the basalt
We remain naive to the subduction;
The ire that forged our stability
Track Name: Tempered
In deaf hibernation
Amidst a stunning collapse
Coughed into existence
By the breath of the hollow

It was to be nature’s theatre
The splendor of the gods
Bestowing the gift
Of hearth and dance

The surface cracks
Giving way
To serpentine form

Persistence may be
The greatest strength
Of living things

Writhing through the ashen crypt

The fibers ripple
attuned and alive
untouched by the poison
Of malintention
They scatter like serpents
Across the blighted refuse
And blot the light from the sky

Can one take refuge in dissolution?
My many faces prove to be superficial

In my gut I feel the leash;
A disturbance tugging me
Into newness, grief, and awe

Perceptive and enlightened; Alive
The delicate insight of new eyes
Track Name: The Waking Realm
In this cruel awakening
I tried like all before
To reconcile with all that was
And all that is to come

There I fade
Collapsed, entranced
By such complexity
Astounded by the grandeur
Of the waking realm

The entrance of my kingdom hides;
Lies dormant like the seeker

Open and persuaded
Observing with boundless eyes
The measure of our movements
Only live in the constraints of time

Cowardice begets mediocrity
The hour is nigh
Stale satiety cannot comfort us
The hour is nigh

Golden eyes ascending
from the embers
endure through the seething heat
through the ether they glide

An eastern wind carries the spark
Into the open
These orbs behold an emerald sea
Beyond the scorched earth

Memories unfold
Beckon the unknown

What sustains my light
Ravages the life
Of those who fly this far
A tribe relentless

Red, red peaks pierce clouds
With their splintered cloaks

Though roaring waves would prove fatal,
Their crests and crashes inspire
To satisfy the object of my journey
In spite of the danger at hand,
I glimpse ivory shores
A new chapter begins

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