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The Endless


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muschiosauro Here's a band with their own unminstakable style, evolving with each album while still sounding unique. For me, this is Dreadnought at their absolute best, on par with "Bridging Realms". The songs are focused and streamlined, which makes the stunning mix of doom/black/post metal, prog, folk and jazz sound astoningshly natural. How masterfully they paint gloomy soundscapes of gentle ferocity while twin female vocals restlessly enlace aerial delicacy with earthy grit! Sublime stuff. Favorite track: Worlds Break.
pinkytheent thumbnail
pinkytheent Dreadnought weave a fine progressive fabric, clearly trying to thoughtfully carve landscape and mood into the ebbs and flows of their songwriting in the best vein of anyone who loves Opeth (which should be everyone, right?!). It was great seeing them both at Fire in the Mountains and opening for Elder, and I look forward to seeing them cast their magic live again! Favorite track: Gears Of Violent Endurance.
meshugganner thumbnail
meshugganner Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a band you've never heard of completely blow you away. I just discovered Dreadnought tonight as they opened for Elder, and I was completely floored.

Dreadnought have gained a fan for life. I'm excited to go through the discography. One song, which I just learned is called Midnight Moon, really stood out. That section around 2:30 with the trippy off-kilter stops hit like a f***ing freight train. Favorite track: Midnight Moon.
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Worlds Break 08:28
Feel the pulse, the cloud around you Hold it close, for it will leave you It's not all your fault, it's All you've known Are shadows casted 'round you Can you stay awake? Can you feel my voice? They're here to drag you down Here to take you Worlds break You must rebuild yours Endless cries fill the night Dreams lost, in search of life In times of struggle Our flame will guide you Hear whispers of the light The ancients are alive Our hidden tunnel Will guide you through… Now, let chaos reign The weak will fall to my demands Helpless pawn You’re nothing but prey To those with teeth My hour draws nearer Hunted like a beast Midnight moon surrounds a Lush bouquet Clench the breath that grounds you Fly away Reaching for the clouds Rising Fly away Lonely one, in the night Heart broken, hollow In times of struggle Our flame will guide you Hear whispers of the light The ancients are alive Terrors will follow We’ll guide you through
Moonlight grows shorter Clouds weaken Limbed shadows Breathe I can see flickers in the distance Dancing with the wind Oooooh I’ll trade my trust to glow Robes of white roses Steadily sway in time Offering gracious smiles Palms outstretched are Calling me closer Offering Nourishment Yearn for anyone to appear The pressure is rising Cadence of an ancient rhyme Open arms bear their thorns Violent hands and fragile minds Instincts are firing Dancing through glacial halls A beacon I can't ignore Run! There is no hope - souls lost Their will taken In gold - fear, shadows Bathed by a savior's promise A fire arises within my bones The walls close What sparks, drives The knife rises and falls My path engulfed in red How dare you Take one of ours Kill, kill her Glide hillside toward the sinking sun Relinquish everything you treasure Witness The fading beads of dusk A symbol Of this cruel endeavor
The Endless 04:39
I watch the ocean bleed Through crystals in the sky The memory's mark fades Yet vivid in my mind The cruel world sings A thousand voices cry I watch the ocean bleed Still vivid in my mind Endless suffering How could I Bring life into Its heavy hand? Of broken spirits Left to the sand Oh the endless cycle Dines with the sea The death of dreams Has come to us The fractured sky Welcomes us Brute deceit Follows us Through the endless
Liminal Veil 09:07
Mislaid mind and hollow heart Lost her way with the wind Fallen homes of birch and bone Buried her, freed her mind of hope Harboring a desert Only time prevails Leafless in growth If only she could cleanse the soil Peaceful, godly is the night Endless elements collide Begging for the evening's cloak To shelter a heart that grows cold Ring, the cavernous ring The flesh becomes one The cave, the cavernous ring The body falters I’ll rest don’t bother let me sleep All releases The eye ignites Their calls release me In death I fly Onward, your leave sharpens focus Balance your sense of power and grace Silent, old vessel A new song waits With sharpened swords and steady eyes A strengthened will, a hardened mind She scours the plains with a purpose, a ravenous might
Behold battle! Taste the nectar The rage For riches, endurance Of man reduced to names Long forgotten While gears of violence Endure the ages I will win I’ll find a way to part the sea And bring them to their end Come close No need to fear I’ll make it quick Your time has come To feel what I have felt Breathing the embers Lungs afire From a pulpit Of pillared chimney tops Will my self-defense Absolve me? Will the violence continue anyway? Bold deception overwhelms The adversary's final strike Gears of violent endurance Churn alongside man Muffled in the shadows Lies the heart’s howl Fade I walk away I feel the light Fade The night descends into blindness Denied the peace we're longing for The end of dearest possessions Through siege of night the grace has gone
Still as a photograph Prairies smolder Lovers weep I taste the blood of tragic memories As old as time When will it end? We’re moving in circles Lost in our heads Again and again Dreams turn to nightmares By our own hands We toasted to the marriage Of nature and divine What autumn in the forest Leaves behind Were these the dying nights we’ve been dreaming about? You'll find me here, howling at the moon


For their fifth full length “The Endless”, Denver, CO genre-defying progressive metal outfit DREADNOUGHT present their most spellbinding musical feature yet. With riveting vocal performances, ferocious grooves, and soaring synthesis, the quartet offers a familiarity to the melodic awe of previous records "Lifewoven" (2013) and "Bridging Realms"(2015) as well as the dark complexities within "A Wake In Sacred Waves" (2017) and "Emergence"(2019), but with a beautifully fresh perspective in writing, production, and performance.

At its inception in 2012, Dreadnought’s four original members, including guitarist/vocalist Kelly Schilling, drummer Jordan Clancy, bassist Kevin Handlon, and keyboardist/vocalist Lauren Vieira, strove for a project laser-focused on creativity and exploration, pulling from all aspects of their musical backgrounds to craft something exciting and unique. Joining in the common ground of extreme metal, the quartet explores a blend of prog, doom, folk, jazz, classical, black metal, and post rock. Now a quintet, Dreadnought sees its live potential in full form with the addition of second guitarist Ryan Sims and keyboardist/vocalist Emily Shreve replacing Vieira.

Thematically, “The Endless” departs from the familiar abstract of Dreadnought’s first four albums and dives into a relatable character arc about the human divide of light and suffering. It is an overture to the complexities of the proliferation of life, exploring the trail of choices that shape our world and our lives. It invites the question, can we overcome our nature and make higher minded choices to better humanity and our planet? Or are we lost in a never ending cycle of shadow?

The album opener “Worlds Break” begins in a post-apocalyptic landscape, heeding our need for guidance in the direst of times. “Midnight Moon” leads the listener in trance, through depths of manipulation and fear. As we reach the title track “The Endless”, lush textures and crooning vocals place us among the pits of despair, shock, and loss. "Liminal Veil" offers a vast landscape of celestial drones and enthusiastic grooves, while "Gears of Violent Endurance" reminds us of our primal nature through great ferocity.

In reaching the album closer "The Paradigm Mirror", the dust begins to settle yet a great tension remains, inviting us to reflect upon vicious cycles of the human experience and how we can escape them.


released August 26, 2022

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Pete de Boer at World Famous Studios.
Artwork by Reza Afshar.
Design by Shane McCarthy and Kelly Schilling.


all rights reserved


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